5 km shenanigans!

It was a hot summer day (and were not even in May yet). The heat bounced off my brow and I could feel the trickle of sweat on my shoulder blades. I checked my watch, the timer started, and I was off.

Bouncing of the heels of my feet, I started off slowly to the beats of “Otto Knows – Million Voices” in my ears – my favorite all time running song. The pace was slow, and I passed a long corridor of marble (sort of running like a tunnel) before I made my way out of the tunnel into a larger space. There were some obstacles to run around, and avoid (and this was unlike any run I had done before). I then did a quick turn around a tight corner and made my back to pass the same corridor I had just run by – it seemed never ending; but I was finally out in the light again into a much larger square shaped space (sort of like a field but a miniature version).

Smells of baked goods engulfed my senses, and I could hear the slap of my sneakers against the floor, occasionally overpowered by the music. And thus the loops continued – in the background, the thumps of the beats pushed me forward, and the cheers of my personal cheerleader edged me on. The route was a little monotonous so I created my own variants of fun– backward running, side running and single leg running, interspersed with jumping, and dancing to the music.

It was getting hotter and hotter and the heat was engulfing, but I was delighted and nothing could faze me. I hadn’t run in ages, so it was a delight to be running again

As I checked my watch and realized I was close to the end of the 5 km run in my one bedroom flat in Mumbai, I put in my final spurts of energy and completed the run. It was a never before experience.

P.S. This is about me running 5 km in my one bedroom flat in the suburbs of Mumbai during the lockdown declared on account of COVID-19, where walking on the roads for leisure is not permitted. I usually like to run for longer distances; and hopefully I will be outdoors again stretching my legs in nature.



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